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: We catalog the top penny stock picks sent out by newsletters, and offer tools to browse the stock picks they select. You can track all the most recent penny stock newsletters and find hot penny stocks. Find today's best penny stocks.

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Penny Stock Picks and Penny Stocks, What Are They?

Penny stocks are usually defined as a common stock that trades for less than two cents a share and are traded over the counter (OTC) through quotation services such as the OTC Bulletin Board (OTC BB) or the Pink Sheets. Although penny stocks have also been defined as any stock currently trading under $5.

Why trade penny stocks?

Many traders are fans of penny stocks because a penny stock has a chance for huge gains. For example a penny stock trading at $0.01 can quite easily jump to $0.03 therefore tripling the penny stock traders money! Be sure to check into StockReads often for the latest hot penny stocks!

Fans of the today's stock market should be sure to find a free stock screener. Be sure to find a quality brokerage to buy stocks. Searching for dividend stocks can help balance out your stock portfolio. And, then be sure to find some coupon codes to save more money for trading. You can also find mortgage rates today.

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